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Dominios Latinos Domains allows you to reserve a place for your business on the Internet and more.

Domain name registration
Here's where it all starts. To have your own place on the web you've got to have your own web address -- also known as your domain name. It's how people find your business online. Dominios Latinos Domains offers the three most common domain suffixes, .com, .net, and .org, which indicate commercial use, network use, or non-profit use, respectively.

Dominios Latinos Domains is also pleased to offer the Internet's newest suffixes .info, .biz, and .us. You can purchase just one version of your domain name or buy out all of the available suffixes in order to protect your brand - it's your choice! Once you've got your domain name the possibilities are endless.

Domain Fee (Yearly) Min. Initial Term
.com $19.95 1 yr
.net $19.95 1 yr
.org $19.95 1 yr
.biz $19.95 1 yr
.info $19.95 1 yr
.us $19.95 1 yr
.name $18.95 1 yr
.cc $49.95 1 yr
.tv $49.95 1 yr
.ws $29.95 1 yr
.bz $49.95 1 yr
.nu $49.95 2 yr

Web address forwarding
If you've already got a web site, our forwarding tool lets you point your new domain name to your existing site. This way, when web surfers type in they'll be directed to You can even specify a directory, such as Just tell us where you want someone to end up when they type in your domain name, and we'll handle the rest. This is the perfect solution when you're buying additional domain names or domain name extensions to protect your brand. Web address forwarding is also effective if you don't yet have content ready to post at your new domain name

Web management control panel
Everything you need to manage your account is available in your Domain Control Panel. You can access all the tools, resources, and help you need to handle your domain name, email account, upgrades, and billing.

POP email account
Your POP email account lets you create one mailbox at your new address (e.g., ). A POP (Post Office Protocol) account is a private account that's only accessible through a POP email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, or Netscape Mail. Our Email Manager (found in the Domain Control Panel) will take you through a simple process to set up your POP account at your new address.

Unlimited email forwarding
Your new POP email account lets you forward your email to any address you currently have or will have in the future. This means email sent to will be forwarded automatically, so you can receive and read it at another account like or any other email account you want. You can change the destination at any time.

Upgrade paths to dominioslatinos! Web Hosting
If you think you might want to setup a business web site, consider purchasing a Dominios Latinos Web Hosting plan today. These plans start at just $40 a year, customized email, and Dominios Latinos SiteBuilder software.

The upgrade process is simple: Choose a Web Hosting plan, redirect your domain name, and start building. Dominios Latinos Domains will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions and tools for getting started. Whether you're an Internet novice or a power user you'll find everything you need to build exactly what you want.

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