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Mail Autoresponders
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Mailboxes Air Strike open gl

In 2.3 Dominios Latinos version and higher, mail autoresponder is a separate mail resource. The autoresponder sends a uniform response back to the sender whenever a message arrives in a mailbox. Air Strike open gl

Here you can learn how to:Air Strike open gl

 Air Strike open gl

Creating AutorespondersAir Strike open gl

To add a new autoresponder, do the following:Air Strike open gl

  1. Select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu.
  2. Air Strike open gl

  3. At the bottom of the page that appears, click Add new mail resource:
  4. Choose Mail autoresponder from the drop-down list and click Next:
  5. Air Strike open gl

  6. Agree with the charges, if any.
  7. Air Strike open gl

  8. Fill the form that shows:
    • Send a Copy To: the optional e-mail address to which copies of response messages will be e-mailed.
    • Subject: the subject of the response message, e.g. receipt confirmation.
    • Message: the body of the response message, e.g. Your message was received. Thank you.
  9. Click Submit Query.

Note: In version 2.3 and higher, if you want your mailbox to work as forward and mail autoresponder at the same time, you can give forward, mailbox and autoresponder the same name within one mail domain. In this case, your mailbox will forward all incoming email to another address and send responses to senders. Air Strike open gl

 Air Strike open gl

Editing Response Messages.Air Strike open gl

To configure your autoresponder, click its name in the list of mail resources. You will see the list of its properties on the right:Air Strike open gl

Air Strike open gl

  • Local: local mail resource name without domain part.
  • Message: a response to incoming mail;
  • Copy To: email message where copies will be sent.
  • Delete: click this icon to delete the mailbox.
  • Trouble Ticket: report troubles with the autoresponder.

To edit the message text:Air Strike open gl

  1. Click the name of the autoresponder.
  2. On the properties page, click the Edit icon next to the Message field.
  3. A message box appears. Here you can edit the text or enter a new one, change subject and Copy to email.
  4. Click Submit to confirm changes.

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Mailboxes Air Strike open gl

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